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Tuesday- Ran for 1 hour, 3.75 miles, 657 calories






Monday, May 18, 2009


Treadmill- 30 minutes, 1.75 miles, 175 calories.

Definitely better than yesterday. I'm thinking, it was about 1/4 mile and 25ish calories less than my last running workout, in 10 less minutes. Which is pretty cool. I'm making progress for sure. Unfortunately, now my legs are killing me. Ironically, my calves started hurting way before my shins tonight, and its my left shin that is hurting as opposed to the right one, as per normal. Weird, but oh well, it'll go away and the workout won't.

Speaking of progress, I decided that I want to meet my first goal, getting under 230 lbs, by my birthday, aka July 13th. That gives me just under 2 months to lose about 12 pounds. That seems pretty reasonable. Hopefully setting a timetable will make the goal more tangible, and easier to obtain.

On a much shittier note. Yesterday I discovered that neither of my 2 pair of boardshorts fit any more. Well, one is pretty close to skin tight, which is definitely out of the question at this point. The other one was no where close to fitting. I don't mean to be all dramatic, but that was pretty damn disappointing. I've had clothes not fit before, and I've not bought items because they were too tight. For some reason, I don't really know why, these particular items of clothing not fitting really hit a chord with me. I don't know, maybe it just hit me how big I've gotten. Obviously I know I havent been getting any smaller, but maybe having something that fit well a year ago not even make it over my ass just drove it home. It serves to further prove that I've basically waisted the last two years of my life. Next month will mark 2 years since I graduated with my fitness degree, as a fully certified personal trainer. Since then, I've gained a total of probably 30 lbs, been unemployed for approximately a year with a job in between. And now, I'm working a shitty job, cleaning up after a bunch of fat ass disgusting truckers, and I can't even afford to buy myself a new phone, or a new pair of running shoes, let alone an engagement ring for the love of my life. Wow, this blog has certainly taken a turn for the dramatic.

Oh well, in the next few days I have to go buy myself a new swimsuit. hopefully by my birthday the other two will fit again, and then I'll have my choice. Hopefully tomorrow my post will be more pleasant.

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  1. Too-tight pants really put a face of what's happened to our bodies.

    It's kinda funny, but I throw out pants as soon as I get too small for them, but I never, and I mean never, throw out the skinny pants.

    Hope springs eternal, I guess.

    Good luck on reaching your bday goal!