Weekly Workout Log


Tuesday- Ran for 1 hour, 3.75 miles, 657 calories






Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Triumphant Return

Wow, the whole "gettin the computer fixed" thing took WAYYY longer than I thought it would.

Its been a weird week. Ok, Saturday, Sunday, Monday I worked out really hard, had a really good few days. Tuesday, I weighed myself in the morning, after hearing on tv that morning is the best time to do it, and discovered I had lost 4.2 lbs (down to 239.4 lbs). Needless to to say, I was super happy about that. Tuesday night I didn't workout because I had to work that night. Wednesday, I was gone all night so, didn't workout. Thursday, I had a really long day of work and was hecka tired, so didn't workout. Friday I didn't workout either, I'm not exactly sure why, not that it matters. Yesterday, I did my normal weigh-in, still 239.4. I managed to maintain a 4 pound loss after a few days of not working out. That definitiely makes me think that I might actually be getting my eating under control, at least a little bit. Then last night I had a good, really hard, swim. I'm getting better, finally starting to figure out how to breathe during stroke. Not pretty for sure, but I'm making progress, thats all that matters.


  1. I've incorporated swimming some laps as a once-a-week activity. I know it's great exercise, but I feel like a dork when the old lady in the next lane is doing two laps for my one. Grrrr...

  2. haha. I know what you're saying. I used to absolutely suck at swimming, hated it, couldn't do it at all. Not that I'm "good" now, but atleast I can make my way through the water to some extent. That's been my main form of exercise for the last few weeks and it feels pretty good.