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Tuesday- Ran for 1 hour, 3.75 miles, 657 calories






Saturday, June 20, 2009

Missouri 60 / Sin-Free Summer

Okay, so while scanning my little portion of the weight-loss blogosphere over the last few days, I've come across two great ideas.

First, the Missouri 60. A challenge being orchestrated by The Anti-Jared. The Idea being Take a picture of yourself today, then another in 60 days, and see how much you can change your life in the mean time.

The other is a personal goal from Tony at "I dont want to die of a heart attack at age 25". He calls it the Sin-Free Summer, or something to that affect. His goal is that he won't eat any junk food, or make any excuses for the entire summer.

Although both are not "official" challenges, I'm in to both of them. No excuses all summer. And I'll be posting a picture, one way or another, later today. It'll most likely be a cell phone pic, so it'll probably suck, but I'll get it on here.

I'm gonna have an awesome summer, and make my life better in the process.

Note- I dont know how to link to other blogs, if someone tells me I'll give Anti-Jared and Tony the respect they deserve.

Other note- I think I've decided, when I reach my ultimate goals (185 lbs) I think I'm gonna get a tattoo to commemorate the accomplishment.


  1. Good job. Setting short term goals are a great way to maintain focus.

  2. Those are great challenges to participate in! I will be doing the missouri 60... posting my pic tomorrow. :)