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Tuesday- Ran for 1 hour, 3.75 miles, 657 calories






Sunday, June 7, 2009

Whew, Thrid post of the night.

I guess thats bound to happen after not having my computer for a week.

Oh well, this will be quick.

Side note- I hit enter, and posted this before I entered any text. HAHA. Also, on the news, drive-in church, listen to it on the radio, watch the preacher on a stage, seems lame, but to each their own.

ANYWAYS. Today, hectic, busy, physical, and exhausting day at work. Then I swam for about an hour. Right now, two laps (down, back, down, back) is about all I can do. But I'm starting to get the technique, or at least my version of it, down, so I'm sure endurance will come.

Also, I saw an article in some runners magazine, about how to double your distance in 6 weeks. Didn't buy the mag, but the gist was 3 days a week, 1 endurance, 1 maintenance (that looks like its spelled wrong), 1 speed training (aka Fartlek). So, I think I'm gonna try to mix in some more running along with my swimming, and see if I can increase my distance by a bit. That'd be nice.

Ok, wasn't quite as quick as I thought it'd be. Oh well, have a nice night, or day.

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