Weekly Workout Log


Tuesday- Ran for 1 hour, 3.75 miles, 657 calories






Thursday, July 23, 2009


Okay, had a good day yesterday.

Went for an afternoon swim. Got some good laps in. And I got a tun of sun, haha. I'm burned now, it was suprised how red my arms were lol good stuff, good stuff. Anyways, Got some good swimming in, kinda forgot to count laps, but I know I worked up an appetite.

Then in the evening I went for a run. 30 minutes, 2 miles, 180ish calories. I wanted to do probably another lap or so more in that time, but I was kinda tired, probably from the swim. And I was pressed for time so I couldn't go for much longer than that. But 2 miles is a good effort for sure.

Alright, put my girlfriend on the train a couple hours ago, so I'm alone through the weekend. Should be able to get in a really good swim today, and another cardio session tonight, depending on how I feel. Plus, I believe that we're going to get a barbecue today, so that should be pretty awesome. Looking forward to eating barbecued food, yum. As for now, I'm hungry so I gotta find some food.


  1. Used to be weekends alone were my trouble times, when I'd binge like a lunatic. Now I use the free time to double down on exercise. Amazing how our priorities change when our priorities change.

  2. Yeah I hear that. I've always hated running, and never liked swimming either. But now that I'm making the effort to get in shape I want to run 5 and 10k's and participate in triathlons. Its definitely amazing how much a goal and a little motivation can change not just your priorities but also you're preferences.