Weekly Workout Log


Tuesday- Ran for 1 hour, 3.75 miles, 657 calories






Sunday, July 12, 2009

Last Chance Workout

Haha, figured I'd channel a little Biggest Loser since tomorrow is my weigh-in and all.

I did a hard workout today. 30 minutes on the treadmill, did 2 miles, burned 325 calories. Whew, that was the most I've sweated in at least a year or two. Great workout. Burned over 10 calories per minute, and that was including some warm-up and cool down.

Breaking News---- Alright, I completed 5 laps in about 16:05. My warm up lasted just about 5 minutes, maybe a little less, and was about a lap. So subtract 1/4 mile, and 5 minutes, and what do you get? A roughly 11:00 minute mile. Which meets my first goal of breaking 12 minutes. Which is totally freaking awesome. I think I'm going to attempt to do it again, preferably straight up with no math involved, lol, just to corroborate and make sure its legit before I "scratch" it off my list. But if nothing else, at least I'll have one goal to celebrate doing on my b-day, if the miracle weigh-in doesn't happen lol.

Anyways yeah, I'm pretty happy about that.

2 questions.

1. Does anyone know how (or if its possible) to upload a picture to my blog directly from my phone? As in send it in a message, seeing as how my phone isn't what you might call "smart"

2. Does anyone know how to set up a twitter feed thing, so I can post stuff that way? I know Jack Sh*t just did it so maybe he can help?


  1. Adding a twitter feed is pretty idiot proof (since I did it and I'm an idiot about these kinds of things). Just go to twitter.com and sign up for an account. It walks you through the entire process. The only difficult part is trying to keep your head from exploding when you turn it on. It's quite a bit to process.

    Good luck.