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Tuesday- Ran for 1 hour, 3.75 miles, 657 calories






Monday, July 27, 2009

Weigh-In 7/27 + workout


234.2 lbs-- down .8 lbs

Definitely not too shabby considering I didnt really get a workout for the last half of the week. The best part of it is, my hydration level was actuallly higher, so its not like I just sweated off a bunch of water. Which of course I did, but I managed to improve my hydration despite working out in the hot sun (and sweating like crazy) for 3 days, and I even lost weight, sweet.

Alright, lets flash back to my birthday. My girlfriend got me a kick ass pair of kicks, Nike running shoes to be exact. My dad got me an IronMan heart rate monitor, only problem is, I hate wearing those straps. So today we went back to Sports Authority and got a nice brand new strapless one, and its freaking awesome. It does basically everything, HR, calories burned, distance, speed, pedometer, plus stop watch, and its a regular watch too.

So back to today, utilizing both of me new toys I went for a nice run. Make that a late night chase after my girlfriend riding her bike. Ridiculous thing is, we left at like 9:30 and it was still well over 90 degrees, hell its like 11:30 right now and its still 90. But anyways, it was awesome. Total stats: 31 minutes, just short of 2 miles (like 1.89), 330 calories.It was really fun, so I think we're going to be doing that frequently.

NEWSFLASH!!!! Its now officially under 90 degrees, 87 in Portland. Earlier it was several degrees warmer in Vancouver than it was in Portland, so I'm hoping Vancouver is under 90 too. This is fu#(!ng rediculous. Lol, I love summer in the NorthWest but its not supposed to be this hot.

PS--- Oh yeah, almost forgot. Shaq was on WWE tonight, saw it on the news, thats freaking awesome. I love Shaq, hes hilarious. HAHAHAHAHA I totally just said "Love Shaq", remember that song "love shack" from back in the day? it was awesome, It was in the Flintstones movie, I think.............. Okay, that officially means its time for me to go pass out.

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