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Tuesday- Ran for 1 hour, 3.75 miles, 657 calories






Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Alright, today was officially the hottest day in the History of Vancouver Washington 107 degrees. Broke the previous record, 106 degrees, which was set all the way back yesterday. Thats right, we've broken the all-time highest temperature ever in Vancouver, twice in 2 days, thats two days in a row. I can't believe it. We literally went and saw G-Force today just to get out of the heat. Good movie though, but still, I paid like 50 bucks for tickets and snacks just to escape the heat. Oh well, I guess shit happens. I can't wait, its supposed to be like 87 Sunday, it'll be awesome, lol.

Alright, tonight went on another chase the girlfriend run. Its actually pretty hard. 27 minutes, 2.9 miles, 343 calories. Just about the same distance (as far as I can remember) as the other day, but a few minutes faster, and I think a few more calories. It seems to be a pretty darn good workout. I can't wait until it cools off like 20 degrees, then we can do it during the day, instead of after 9 at night, and be able to go further and longer as well. That'll help a lot, kick up the effort. Haha tonight I surprised her a bit, I sprinted, like Usain Bolt sprinted, okay well obviously way slower, but I was bookin it. Blew right past her on her bike, it was great, she was like holy crap. Damn it was tiring though.

Almost forgot, I swam today. Not much of a workout, primarily just to try to cool off a bit. But still, its a few more calories, and thats the point, burn as much as possible, every little bit helps.

Final thought: On the news, they just said that people drove from as far away as Olympia (roughly a 2 hour drive) just to line up in hopes of buying an air conditioner. All stores are completely out of stock. I shelled out $270 like 10 days ago, barely beat the rush, got the 2nd to last one of the particular model. It barely even makes a dent when its this damn hot. As I've said before, its purely ridiculous. Oh well, at least I've experienced history. The 2 hottest days in Vancouver history, as well as the longest heat way in the Portland Metro Area in like 30+ years.

Sorry, not fitness related I know, but I'm just tired of it. I can't wait for it to be over. On the plus side, I drank almost 5 liters of water yesterday, Most I've ever drank by far.

Work tomorrow, in the heat, YAY. Lol, Okay, well I'm done bitching about weather. Hopefully cooler days, and more pleasant posts are in the near NEAR future. I'm off to bed, night.

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