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Tuesday- Ran for 1 hour, 3.75 miles, 657 calories






Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Endurance Pt 2

I'm kind of liking this whole pushing the limit thing. Hopefully it pays off when it counts.

I did an hour on the recumbent bike tonight. Stats: 61 minutes, 16 miles, 360 calories.

Man that was hard, my legs were so tired afterward. I guess overall it was probably easier than my run last night, but only because biking in general is less taxing than running. But it was a damn good workout for sure.

I think I finally figured out a very complicated idea, stretching. Okay, well obviously common sense, not to mention a college degree in fitness, will tell you that stretching is important. But myself, as I'm sure is common amongst a lot of weight loss warriors, have never really taken the time to do much stretching, and I've had the sore, stiff muscles and complete lack of flexibility to show for it. As of now, I am markedly more flexible then I once was, we're talking I could not get close to touching my toes, but I was still lacking in the area of post workout stretching. The last couple nights I've been making a concerted effort to stretch after the difficult workouts I've been doing. And boy can I tell you, I feel much much better. No soreness, I'm not stiff, my legs dont hurt, and my low back feels a lot better. I'm sure that a little added flexibility, as well as lack of soreness well allow me to keep pushing my limits and improving every day, every week and every month. That is, after all, the objective, to constantly push yourself and make yourself better every day.

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