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Tuesday- Ran for 1 hour, 3.75 miles, 657 calories






Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hows about a challenge

Okay, first of all, I almost did it. Ran my mile today, in a blazingly fast, Prefontainesque, 10:44. Not quite there today, I felt it about a lap in. I think I didn't warm up enough, maybe it has something to do with the cold weather, its like 55 out there tonight, or maybe I didn't stretch out enough, but however it happened, my calves were tighter than last time, and it seemed like I didnt quite have the push I did either. Finished 1/2 a mile in just over 5 minute, right on pace, then about half way through lap 3 I had to walk a little more, then I had to walk a little bit at the end of the lap. Last lap, just like last time, I went all out, for about 2/3 then had to walk a little bit, but then I sprinted at top speed for the last like 75 meters or so. I'm definitely happy that I took almost a minute off of my time, but I'm also a little disappointed that I didn't hit my goal, especially because I was so close last time. But here is the plan, I'm going to re-up my training, give it another shot in 2 weeks, and hopefully I'll obliterate 10 minutes. My new goal, well as far as breaking my current goal, is to take another minute off my time, that means I'm shooting for a sub 9:45 mile, woohoo, I like that kind of goal. And I like how I said, sub, makes me sound like a legit runner, lol.

Anyways, now to the meat of this post. Last post I did, I received a challenged, haha like all two of you reading don't already know that. Heres why I dont like that particular challenge: Being that its Wednesday night, probably Thursday by the time you read this, Jack has probably already lost his 1 pound and change, so I've probably already lost. I need a little time to make up the difference. So heres what I'm gonna do, I'm going to lay down my own challenge.

Mr. Jack Sh*t, I'm challenging you to a race to 200 lbs.


  1. awesome weight challenge...oh, and i have been alerted that there are such a thing as 'lurkers'....in fact, someone 'de lurked' on my blog just the other day. So you never know...you could be read by hundreds. Think like it, act like it, believe it...write as if it is so... and throw a couple tits and asses out in your titles to draw the less evolved, lol. I can't wait to see this weight loss throw down, It's on, and since I am the only chic here, I throw down the white hanky.

  2. I'm just here to suggest a low-calorie snack for you to eat: MY DUST! BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA...

  3. too flippin funny....the things which amuse me are endless...