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Tuesday- Ran for 1 hour, 3.75 miles, 657 calories






Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The End of Summer

is almost here. So, in my attempt to fully enjoy every last drop of it, I went swimming tonight. I love the pool. That signals another transformation I've made, although this one has happened over a period of several years, I used to hate swimming. I don't know when or where, or even why, it happened, but now I find myself looking forward to early June when the pool in my apartments opens. Hopefully by this time next year I'll be in a position to not have to worry about the pool closing, either by having a membership to a pool, or living in new apartments with a year round pool, but thats a whole different story that I'm not going to get into tonight.

The point is this, life isnt about where you start, its about how you change and adapt, and more importantly its about where you end up. When I started on this adventure, I didn't like where I was in life, I feel that I've made some positive changes, and I think I like where I'm headed at this point. And, thanks to some very supportive people, and a little bit of reflection, I have to say that I'm pretty happy with where I am at the moment.

Oh, also should mention, that yesterday I spent roughly 30 minutes on the eliptical. That shit is tough. Oddly, it was harder at the end when I was going slow trying to cool down then it was when I was at the peak of my workout. I started off the session with a fitness test. after several minutes trying to figure out what to do, and a 3 minute test, I spent a couple minutes trying to figure out what "OLYMPIC" meant. Apparently, that was the result of my test, although it offered no explanation of what it meant. So I guess, according to a nautilus elyptical, I am now an Olympic caliber athlete, I could get use to hearing that, lol. Then I did 10 more minutes, then another 10 minutes, then the afformentioned extremely difficult cool down. All together, I got somewhere between 25 and 30 minutes, and somewhere north of 250 calories. Not bad at all.

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