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Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm With Mike

I'm going to change things up a little bit today, and try to pay a little attention to other things that definitely deserve it.

Here in the Portland, OR area there is a local sports talk radio host named John Canzano, hes also the Associated Press sports writer of the year. Over the summer he help a charity event, it was an eating contest. One of the participants happened to be extremely over weight and unhealthy. After the contest was over, Canzano decided he would like to help him. So, after discussing it with the guy, 3 weeks ago he launched the "I'm With Mike" campaign.

The idea was to use the radio show to assist Mike in his journey to get healthy. It is now a weekly segment on the show, Mike comes on and discusses what he is doing and what progress he is making. After the first segment tons of people called in wanting to help, nutritionists, personal trainers, phyical therapists, health clubs. They made the decision that they wanted to be safe and have medical supervision, so after Canzano asked for a doctor to help them along, Mike announced yesterday that he was about to go to his first doctors appointment in several years, with a doctor who heard the plea on the radio show.

First let me say, that I think it is truly awesome that a radio host would even take the time to show interest in something like a fat guys weight loss. But to me, the most amazing part of the whole thing, is the huge amount of support that they have gotten in such a short time. Not only was their all the interest from health/fitness professionals that I mentioned before, but hundreds of people have called in and emailed just to express their support for Mike. Thus the name "I'm With Mike". In my opinion, its a completely awesome idea, and you can bet I'm going to be listening every Thursday at like 3:30 or so to find out how Mike is doing.

If you're interested in finding out more---
Uhm, I'm aparently not good at this whole linking thing. It looks like they don't have the podcast of the segment today on their website yet, but hopefully they'll get it up soon. It'll be Thursday 9-22, hour 1, and it'll probably be like 1/2 to 2/3 of the way through it. BTW scroll to the bottom of the page for podcast lists.--- http://thebaldfacedtruth.com/#two

Oh, and I made the decision to not workout out tonight, in favor of trying to get some extra sleep so I'll have energy to get in a bit of a strength workout tomorrow, then its on to the weekend, which I should be able to utilize some nice weather to add rack up some miles. BREAKING IDEA---- I SHOULD TOTALLY RECORD MY TOTAL MILAGE WEEK TO WEEK. haha brilliant, good non-weight way to track my progress.

As for now, listening to Smokey Robinson and Joss Stone on Leno, they're awesome. And then going to bed.

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