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Tuesday- Ran for 1 hour, 3.75 miles, 657 calories






Thursday, August 13, 2009


Too tired last night to blog about it.

Running: 1.85 miles, 22 minutes, 350 calories.

It was a very hard workout, did the same route as last run, but I barely walked this time. That's how I managed to cut like 8 minutes off my time. I was pretty happy about it. Did a little stretching after, and I'm not even sore today, freaking awesome.

Okay I'll update after I do my workout tonight.


Figured I'd finally try out that whole "strength training" thing I keep saying I'm going to do. And I have to say, at least right now, it feels pretty damn good. I've always enjoyed weight lifting, power lifting, etc. I didn't do anything major: push-ups, body weight squats, single leg squats, single leg deadlift, straight leg deadlift, shoulder shrugs, bent over row, side bends (w/weight at side), side bends (w/weight overhead), crunches, leg lifts. Haha, I guess I sort of did a lot of exercises, nothing hard core but like I said, it was fun, and a good workout. And by the way, if you've never done single leg squats, or deadlifts (I believe they're called Romanian Dead lifts), you should definitely try them. Either have some one show you how, or find a demo video online, because they're exremely difficult, it requires really good balance, and also develops your balance. You will definitely feel it after just a couple reps.

Also, I did a short run. 1 mile, 17 minutes. And thats where it gets interesting. I figured I'd see how my heart rate watch measures up to the treadmill. Watch was roughly .05 miles ahead, even though the treadmill started 10 seconds earlier, so I guess thats pretty accurate. It was also pretty close on speed, depending on how hard I was moving my arms it was right in the range of the treadmill. The big difference was with calories, watch showed 193 calories, treadmill said about 85. I would tend to think that the heart rate monitor would be more accurate, if for no other reason than it has my information, height, weight, etc, and the treadmill doesn't. If anyone has any experience with this sort of thing, I'd be interested to know how accurate it was for you.

Sidenote(s)- (a) looks like I have about 10 posts to go until I hit the 100 mark, hopefully I'll accomlish my first weight-loss goal by then. (b) I think that once I hit 230 lbs, I'm going to rework my goals to every 10 lbs instead of every 15. I hope that will make them a little more managable and keep me from getting frustrated because it won't take as long.

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