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Tuesday- Ran for 1 hour, 3.75 miles, 657 calories






Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trail Running

First the stats: 2.75 miles, about 40 minutes, 475 calories.

By trail, I mean the Discovery Trail, which is a big paved biking/running/walking path which runs throughout Vancouver. The portion I ran today is somewhat hilly, which is probably why I burned so many calories, and also probably why several times when I checked my heart rate it was over 170 bpm. But it was a really good run, felt good.

After several runs outside with my shoes and watch, I've realized something. Assuming that the speed on my watch is accurate ( I guess I should probably run with it on the treadmill to find out), I run faster when not on the treadmill. When I would check the speed, it would be basically between 5 1/2 and maybe 7 1/2 mph. Probably because of the faster speed, I had to do a little more walking than I would've liked, but I made decent time, and burned a crap load of calories, so I guess I can't complain.

Should have another good and active day tomorrow. Then Thursday its back to work, yay, lol. They're calling for rain by the end of the week, which I guess is actually good because we've been bone dry for like a month. And let me tell you, today's high of 82 felt SOOOOOOOOO good after the 106 we had on Tuesday last week. Tomorrow is supposed to be like high 70's, which would be a drop of almost 30 degrees in a week, awesome.

Well, hopefully I'll have another good post tomorrow, and more for the rest of the week. I'm definitely feeling pretty confident right now, just gotta keep it rolling.

P.S. Lets all give Jack Sh*t a standing ovation for his absolutely, positively amazing 7.7 lb loss last week. Even though he completely blew me out of the water, its freaking awesome to see someone do that well. Keep it going Jack. Good job man.

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