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Tuesday- Ran for 1 hour, 3.75 miles, 657 calories






Monday, October 26, 2009

WOW (weigh-in 10-26)

Its been a while, hasnt it? Sorry I havent posted in almost a week, I think sense Tuesday. I've had an absolutely ridiculous week at work. The guy I work with was sick all week, so I had to do basically twice as much work as I usually do, all physical of course, and I ended up sleeping less than usual too. And as a result, by the time I got home, I was too exhausted to workout or blog. Since I didn't workout at all, I was pretty much expecting to gain alittle weight this week. But I suppose that I was active enough, and did a decent enough job of eating, because...........

WEIGH-IN 10-26-09

229.2 lbs -- 1.2 lbs lost.


In case you cant read multiple letters, and believe me, its messing with my eyes at the moment, lol, that said F I N A L L Y. It took me forever and a week, but I finally broke 230. Sitting here today, I am currently two tenths of a pound (.2) heavier than I was in the first couple week of 2008. I'm really not sure I can describe how happy I am at this very moment. I'm also determined.

Determined to kick some butt this week. And to not mess up and let myself get back over 230. Not this week, or next month, or ever.

Now I suppose to hard work begins, not just working out, but catching up on a weeks worth of blogs from all the awesome people who inspire me. Heres hoping that tomorrows post is as happy as todays.


  1. Way to bust through that brick wall. Maybe the change-up to your routine was just what the doctor ordered. I've found that sometimes I get into such a groove that my body is working very efficiently and I'm not actually pushing myself as hard as I should.

    Good week, brother.

  2. wahoo. Good loss, and here's to a year from now where you type that you are at your lowest weight, you are fit and healthy and you never have the opportunity to compare again.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Congratulations on breaking that plateau! Keep up the good work and the positive thoughts.

  4. left you a gorgeous blogger award, know it's kind of a chick thing,but hey what can I say....you deserve an award for all the hard work you've been putting in.