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Friday, October 9, 2009

Quick Post + ab exercises

I just wanted to say thank you to CMCoursler (I hope I spelled that right) and one Mr. Jack Sh*t for all of the support and advice. It is all appreciated very much and provides a good boost to know that I do have supporters our there.

This weight loss thing, its difficult. More so mentally than physically. I mean of course working out consistently can be tough, but in my experience its all about momentum. It can be kinda hard to get the ball rolling, but once you get it going it does get easier. That is, until it starts to slow down. Lately I havent been working out nearly as often as I'd like to be, or as I need to for that matter. And that leads to the really tough part about weight loss, the mental.

Obviously I can only speak from my experience, but being overweight zaps your confidence. Ever since I started gaining weight its been a tough thing for me. Especially seeing as how it happened after I got my fitness degree (I graduated at about 215 and over the next year and a half inched up to almost 250), it has pushed me farther and farther from my goal of being a personal trainer. In doing so, it has also made me feel bad about myself, which makes it even harder to lose weight when you feel like shit. Even after I started turning things around, about the same time I started this blog, I still struggle with it. I'll go for a few days, or weeks, or even a month or two, feeling good about myself and working out regularly, then I'll start feeling apathetic, miss a workout or two and next thing I know its been a week and I can't get going again. Anyone got any advice as to how to get myself going again??

And Jack, thanks for the advice about getting more involved in the blogoworld. Thats something I am definitely going to try to do. Maybe on nights where I can't think of anything to write about, I'll just focus on reading other's blogs and commenting. I never seem to do quite as good a job at keeping up with blogs as I'd like to, I need to work on that for sure. And I also need to start commenting more, I barely ever do that. I sort of don't like commenting, because most of the time I just end up talking about myself (i.e. oh yeah I do that too, or I know what you mean, blah blah) and I think I'd get annoyed if people were always doing that on my blog. So, I definitely need to work on that too.

Also, Instead of worrying about gimmicky titles (although I did find that pretty amusing for a while), I need to work on developing my message, and delivering concisely. I might as well use this blog as an opportunity to prepare and practice for that day, no matter who far away it is, when I can actually start training people..................

Sorry about misleading title, that really was my intention to keep it short and give CM some ab exercises, I'll do that next time, I promise. For now, I'm going to bed. Hope you all had a nice day, and have an even better tomorrow.

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  1. how's about you call me Chris. It's easier lol. I would love some ab excercises. I find myself laying on my back four days a week doing 36 fairly average crunches. I just want to avoid straining my back, I have had some back issues in the past. I would like to give my obliques a workout without straining my neck or lower back. you already speak in your own voice, just do what you know...I'll be reading.