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Tuesday- Ran for 1 hour, 3.75 miles, 657 calories






Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Late Weigh-In

Well, not so much a late weigh-in, seeing as how I did it yesterday morning, as much as a late post, but oh well, same difference.

230.6 lbs-- no change from last week.

This was an odd sensation. I was hoping to get a good weigh-in and break 230, but I'm not really disappointed. The weird thing is, I'm pretty amused. I've had this scale for almost 2 years, and I've never been the exact same weight twice in a row before. And like I said, I find it pretty amusing. But enough with the funny stuff, I gotta get back on track this week.

I haven't had a good last week or so, with the whole car being messed up thing, I've been super stressed. And for me, stress does not equal exercise. Today was actually a pretty shitty day, and not in the good, Jack Sh*tty, way. First, I'm totally broke, so we won't be able to get the car back from the mechanic until Thursday, which might make it kind of difficult to get to work on Thursday, although I'm not completely sure about that yet. And secondly, my girlfriend found out that C-Tran, the local public trasnit authority type thing, doesn't have the phone that, she thinks, she left on the bus last night, so she's going to have to come up with money to get a new phone, probably won't be able to until she gets her next pay check. Not a good day at all.

And now to make it even better, actually its not even imporant, at the moment I can barely keep my eyes open. So in other words, I'll wrap it up quick.

Hey Chris, I hope that you liked the ab workout. I believe towel was the word I was looking for, but it ended up coming out as "rolled up sock", I dont even know where that came from, hahaha. I was thinking that p90x looks kinda fun, as does the one I mentioned the other night, and if I could find it for a decent price I'd even look into buying it. I like "athletic" type training, and alternative stuff, more than I like just running on a treadmill. Theres actually a Mixed Martial Arts training place like a block from my house, I really wanna go to it, but I'm also broke, lol. Hope you are doing well.

Hello, and thank you, to the new commentors, and I'm glad you liked the exercises as well.

Now, I'm gonna go lay down and let myself drift soundly into a nice deep sleep.

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  1. Hey sean, Thanks for the exercises, I left a shout out on my blog for you. They are really kicking my *ss. So it's good. I'm broke too. No money makes things harder. Pound it out next week and break 230...you should kick Jack's rear now that he is maintaining 215. heck, all you have to do is get there lol. Back otk....