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Tuesday- Ran for 1 hour, 3.75 miles, 657 calories






Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, it seems that I'm still having problems working out and blogging consistently.

Yesterday (Monday)- I didn't get to the gym to workout. However, I did spend some time on my stability ball. Its amazing that two or three minutes on a ball can completely drain your muscles. Its sort of a temporary exhaustion type thing. I spend a couple minutes balancing on my hands and knees on the ball, then I get off. My muscles are all tired, arms, thighs, core, everything. A couple minutes later I'm just fine and do it again. I did that like 4 times, it wasn't exactly a gym quality workout, but I could feel it some. And if you're looking for a change up, stability balls can be pretty fun, and you can do pretty much everything on them.

Today (Tuesday)- I was woken up 8am with a phone call from my boss. They called me into work, which was good because I can definitely use the money. Only problem is that by the time I got home I was pretty damn tired and didn't want to workout. I guess the bright side is that my job is somewhat physical, think vigorous cleaning, and I was very busy. So, even though I didn't get an actual workout in, I did get like 7 hours of near constant movement and calorie burning goodness. Going back to work again tomorrow (normally my days off), it shouldn't be quite as busy, so hopefully I'll have some energy left over by days end to workout before my normal work week starts. Strangely enough, the last 2 weeks I've had more trouble working out on my "weekends" than on the days that I work. I think I just need to get myself into a solid routine.

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