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Tuesday- Ran for 1 hour, 3.75 miles, 657 calories






Monday, November 16, 2009

Yummmmmm Cardio Sandwich

Worked out for about an hour and twenty minutes today. Got in some good weight lifting, sandwiched between 25 minutes of bicycle riding, and 20 minutes of treadmill running. Add it all together, and according to my heart rate watch thingamajigger I burned about 530 calories.

I wanted to comment on a few things tonight.

A) Can we all agree to ban anyone wearing a bandana from entering a gym??? Of course other than people who need them, you know like cancer patients, and people with other hair loss causing diseases. But other than that, its extremely douchy.

B) I love stability balls, they're fun, they can provide a challenging workout, but some people just completely misuse them. This guy, actually the same guy from item A), was doing lat pull downs, on the machine, and apparently the seat wasn't good enough for him, so he was sitting on a stability ball doing lat pulldowns. And I was left scratching my head thinking WTF?? Maybe I'm off base and someone can explain that one to me???? I'd actually appreciate that greatly.

C) YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Haha, as it turns out, I won. The wonderful author of BECAUSE I TRI (once again, I'm not good at the whole linking thing, maybe I'll figure it out and link it tomorrow) did a photo caption contest, and I won, so apparently I'll be getting some power gels, stuff that super athletes use to make them super. So, thats pretty damn cool. Yay.

D) In case you didnt notice the lack of my normal Monday post (shame on you), I didn't weight myself today. I decided to take a week off of the scale. I've been putting too much pressure on what the scale says, letting it upset me and dictate what I do. So, I took a week off. I'll probably weigh myself next week, but then again, maybe I won't. It all depends on how I do this week, and whether or not the idea of not worrying about weighing in at the end of the week helps me.

Anyways, I hope all is going well with everyone else. Heres to having another good day, and therefore post, tomorrow.


  1. Heh. And no one should ever use a stability ball while wearing a bandana. :)

    I'll email you later about sending the prize...

  2. I can't stand sweatbands , yes I understand the purpose. But HELLO, the eighties are calling and they want their workout gear back. Use a towel people. Good job on the workout. I weigh once a month, that way I don't obsess. It works for me. Oh and I am posting under my daughter's name...lol.
    It's Chris from a deliberate life....