Weekly Workout Log


Tuesday- Ran for 1 hour, 3.75 miles, 657 calories






Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Noticed my absence???

Sorry about that.

I've been sick, still am in fact. Got hit with a really nasty cold about Thursday, and I still havent gotten over it.

It pretty much feels like I'm being punched in the face repeatedly by Mike Tyson, "LaGarret Blounted" if you will, little bit of college football humor there. Player (Blount) for the University of Oregon, sucker punched, and knocked out, a player for Boise State earlier in the year.........

Anywhoo...... Havent had the energy, nor the clarity of mind, to do anything close to a workout. I've been feeling a little bit better today, hopefully I'll be better enough to do some stuff in the next few days. That would be nice....

We've been enjoying the Wii quite a bit. Once I feel better, I think I'm gonna start doing the Wii Age thingy, its their fitness thing. And the boxing training and other stuff. All in all, its a really fun game system, and a pretty good way to break a sweat.

Oh and Chris, I still have the original XBOX too, except for that it doesnt work anymore, hasnt for a couple years. One of these days I might even get off my ass and see if I cant make a few bucks trading it in. That'd be nice, lol.


  1. glad to see you are back...I did a 1.8 mile walk last night in 8 degree weather, then the sit ups...then I went to the gym tonight and busted out one hour on the precor.
    Hope you get back in the swing of things soon.
    Glad your back.

  2. (If I treat you like a trainer, maybe you'll realize you are one....you are one you know...lol)